Our Stories: Stephanie Farrell

Nephew Tim Koering and son David, both age 10, draw while I read about King Henry VIII, Tim is schooling with us now. He’s a Cumberland Christian School student. Both his parents are essential employees.
by Stephanie Farrell
From left: James Farrell, 9, and Tim enjoy cousin time. James’ cooking teacher from our homeschool co-op encouraged the kids to help out with the cooking. They made naan bread pizzas for lunch.

The best way to describe week one at home is by the numbers—five students, including three home-schoolers (7th, 5th and 3rd grades); one private school 4th grader, one public school senior. There were two major disappointments, the cancelling of Poetry Out Loud for my senior state finalist and the cancelling of the DoItBig musical for the year.

We forgot COVID-19 and just had fun with three highlights—outside recess for hours; Telestrations for family game night, and family movie night with Knives Out.

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