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                                             FEBRUARY 3, 2021
                                                                                           VOLUME 13  • ISSUE 47

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      When Ice Was Ice Was                                                                             COMMUNITY UPDATE

                              King                         ...and	why	current	                         Hospital Readiness, Vaccine
                                                                                                       Update from Inspira Health
                                                                                                         We have seen how things can—and continue to—
                                                                                                       quickly evolve regarding COVID-19. As the New Jersey
                                                            scarcity	is	worrisome.
                                                                                                       our hospitals’ staff are caring for our highest numbers
                                                                         By J. Morton Galetto,         Department of Health’s predictive models indicated,
                                                                                                       of COVID-19 patients. Rest assured, Inspira is prepared
                                                                             CU Maurice River          to operate at these escalated levels, daily assuring our
                                                                                                       readiness for resources of staff, beds, and however we
                                                                                                       can build support for the front-line workers.
                                                                                                         Please do not delay the care that you need. We are
                                     Tune in Every Saturday                                            fully prepared to care for all individuals who need
                                     Morning  8am-11am for your                                        care at all of our emergency department and medical
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                                     country favorites from the                Skaters on Union Lake.    There has been an overwhelming response to
                                     80s, 90s and 2000s hosted               Photo courtesy Joann and   COVID-19 vaccinations across the country from eli-
                                     by country artist Tracy Lawrence.       Dale Wettstein collection.  gible members of the community, and vaccine supply is
            ntil I was 10 years old we lived   my arms could not be lowered to my   own devices my feet would slip out   incredibly limited. Unfortunately, Inspira Health—like
            in northern New Jersey where   sides: I looked like the Michelin Man   from under me in rather spectacular   many other hospitals in the country—currently finds
     Uwe got more cold weather        on blades.                     fashion, especially considering I was   itself with more appointments than vaccines.
      and snow than here in “the south.”   You would think with so much   primarily standing still. Stranded, I   To honor those appointments, it is necessary for us
      As ponds showed signs of icing over   padding that falling wouldn’t hurt. I   would beg him to rescue me as I stood   to reschedule first dose appointments and fulfill our
      my father would get out our skates   guess my father was optimistic that   like a popsicle in need of propulsion.   existing appointments for second doses. Second doses
      and sharpen the blades. His were big   I’d be able to skate crossing foot over   Sadly I never became a skater; I was   will be kept as scheduled.
      hockey skates while my sister’s and   foot like him. He would hold my   more of an ice walker and hot choco-  Effective Saturday, January 23, Inspira decided to
      mine were figure skates. My parents   hands locked across his body, gliding   late drinker.
      would layer our clothing so much that   me across the ice. But when left to my   (856) 786-2020  Continued on page 8  Morning Show  Continued on page 3
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